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Candle Boutique and Company LLC

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Each candle is 6 oz and made with American grown soy wax, cotton wicks and highly fragrance oils. 


- THE USUAL (Smells like vanilla, but it's pleasant and gets the job done.) VANILLA BEAN SCENT
- THE DAD BOD (Smells like beer, pizza and realistic expectations) MEN'S COLOGNE SCENT(The gentleman)
- THE QUICKY (A burst of fragrance that is fun and pleasant, but not terribly memorable) MYSTERY SCENT
- COCK BL0CK (Newborn smell in a jar) BABY SHAMPOO SCENT
- SHOWER SEX (Multi tasking at its finest) SHAMPOO SCENT
- Double Sided Candle: THE CAMPFIRE (Oh wait, that's just my burning loins. Get over here.) LAYERED ROASTED MARSHMALLOW SCENT WITH FROZEN PEPPERMINT / THE TUNDRA (Cold, unmoving, with no signs of life anywhere.)